Weight loss is a by-product of internal cleansing.

Alva lost 20 pounds in 10 dayspicture of Alva

“I was skeptical of my ability to lose weight but tried DetoX for migraine headaches. The headaches went away and in 10 days I lost 20 pounds and 2 dress sizes. In the 2 weeks after DetoX, I lost an additional 13 pounds and another dress size (down to size 10). I've coached thousands through their first DetoX and I'll do the same for you.”


The body is self-cleansing.

It is so efficient, we take it for granted and deal with weight gain, cellulite, and fatigue unless we're fortunate enough to discover the power of cleansing.

Reduce toxins, reduce cellulite.

a picture of Monique who lost 35 lbs and went from a 14 to a 6Monique lost 35 lbs, 5 dress sizes, double chin, and cellulite

“As a hair-stylist, I was feeling the effects of working around chemicals. I was considering liposuction for my double chin and cellulite when a friend told me about DetoX. After 4 months of periodic fasting (and daily prayer)— I had no cellulite and no double chin. I went from size 14 to size 6 and lost 35 pounds. I've kept the weight off for 14 years, through marriage, and the birth of two children. Cleansing is a spiritual practice and I hope you will consider saying the prayer when you detox. Feel free to alter it to fit your goals and spiritual beliefs.”

Monique Michaud


We are often asked if detox cleans the colon, liver, blood, etc.. We believe the body is a single organism engaged in continuous nutrient absorption/waste expulsion. We suspect that every cell benefits from a periodic fast including those organs and fluids usually mentioned. We find the notion that you can isolate and clean a single organ far-fetched.